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The importance of Video Marketing

The importance of Video Marketing

Postod EdwinB » Pet Okt 11, 2019 7:41 pm

There are many companies that are not yet clear about the benefits that Video Marketing can bring to your organization. We will try to get to the point with this document and synthesize the most relevant advantages.

1. The importance of video. The videos achieve a greater degree of retention in the public. It is capable of arousing emotions, and because our brain is accustomed to receiving visual information. 90% of the information the brain receives is visual.
2. For the ease of distribution. Before a company made a video, long, thick, super corporate, and of course, and the money was spent on thousands of copies of DVD. Now the channel is another, easier and cheaper. Youtube or similar video channels plus your social networks. In the case of YouTube, it is the second search engine in the world, behind Google, it receives 4 billion daily and important visits, 25 of the visits are made from mobile phones, so the content cannot be long or thick and with little corporate grade

3. Google indexes videos in user searches, so it helps to position the company or its products. It also increases the probability of buying a product by 64% and retains users on its website. And finally the videos are the contents that are most shared on social networks.
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Re: The importance of Video Marketing

Postod EugenioB » Pet Okt 11, 2019 7:42 pm

It is the most attractive way for the end user. If we understand the Video Marketing within the Brancontent strategy (content maketing) of the company, the video is the most attractive support since in studies conducted at the neurological level it is shown that the end user increasingly reads less and stops, however , in key images (called Nodes) and in messages sent by voiceover. We can say that video marketing is a way of explaining our product or service to the end user without asking the cognitive effort involved in stopping to read, interpret a text and find applications.

For its measurable effectiveness. Now with Video Marketing actions you can verify the effectiveness of your communication actions thanks to Statistics systems in the main video platforms on the internet, such as YouTube Analytics where you can check to see the level of attention that users give to your videos , even if you can do a download, as explained in parts they find most interesting and many more analysis parameters that will make you consider whether video production is expensive or not. From the information you provide you will see that it has never been so attractive and so effective to carry out video marketing actions that in addition to being a content marketing tool it provides you with true information of interest about your services and allows you to measure the ROI (return on investment) of these actions.
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